Visitors are invited to write down their ideas of what they don’t want the future to see or experience on a wood chip

Original time capsule contain: credit card, Bible, etc

Pavilion of Nigeria - by Addy Fadina (age 16)

I imagine the heat of the Nigerian sun heating the sand while soldiers protect the land. I wish there was no need for these soldiers

Pavilion of Jamaica

Samara Downer (age 14)

I imagine Jamaica as a tropical paradise, free from stolen moments of wasted time.

Pavilion of Pakistan - by Mikail & Gabriel Husain (age 10 & 7)

We wish for our overpopulated country to have less people and for peace so less people would die.

Pavilion of Pakistan - by Zulaima Zubair (age 9)

I wish that one day my country will allow women in the mosques


Pavilion of India

Mouli Chakravarty (age 15)

I imagine India as being a festive country lighted by the hearts of the people living there.

Pavilion of Lebanon

Ali Sayed (age 9)

I wish the wars would stop and land would stop being destroyed.

Pavilion of Guyana

George Elliott (age 16)

I imagine Guyana would be surrounded by water and grassy plains.

Pavilion of Puerto Rico

Ariel Laureano (age 16)

I imagine Puerto Rica to be very relaxing.

Pavilion of Mexico - by Jocelyn Sanchez (age 7)

I wish for my country to have money so that people may travel and buy houses.

Pavilion of Bangladesh

Alejandro Ahmed (age 9)

A mini model of the structure is put into the Panorama at the Queens Museum location in The Flushing Meadow Park.

In a satellite space, artist has created a four-week long project room for work in progress installation where young visitors are invited to build pavilions representing their original countries. The exhibition continues to change and grow organically, adding new meaning to the current mini World's Fair.

This art work is funded by The Andy Warhol Foundation. Special lighting for this installation is generously provided by Airstar  America, inc.

Visitors are invited to throw the wood chips against the black door which is an act to release the bad spirit.